How To Import My Email Templates To Mailchimp?

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If you’ve bought one of the cross browser responsive Html email templates of mine, here’s how to import it into MailChimp:

    1. Buy and Download with a very fair price (about 18$) one of ‘Robbie Williams’ email templates on
    2. Copyright warning!
      All of Robbie Williams email templates are sold exlusively on ThemeForest. You cannot use a template without a license.
    3. Navigate to the Campaigns page.
    4. Click the My Templates button
      my templates button
    5. On the Templates page click the Create Template button in the top right of your screen.
      create template
    6. Select the Import link.
    7. Name your template and click Browse to locate the HTML file on your computer.
      name the template
    8. Select the HTML file you saved and click Upload to add the file to your MailChimp account.
    9. You’ll be able to find this template when you click the My Templates button on the Campaigns page and on the Design step of the Campaign Builder.

See my email templates on themeforest