How to use my email template without hosting or web space.

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Don’t have hosting?
You can use my email templates without any hosting or web space.

Step 1:

Open an account at
Or any other free image hosting site.

Step 2:

Upload a photo to embed in the email template.
One of the easiest ways to get your stuff onto Flickr is to upload it right here using

Step 3:

Change the privacy level of all images to private.
To change the privacy levels on photos you’ve already uploaded, you have two options: Change the privacy level in the Owner settings section under the Privacy heading on the right of the photo page, or batch them in Organizr, then click “Permissions” and select “Who can see, comment, tag?”

Step 4:

To get the url address of the image click on “view larger size” -> right click “image” -> “Copy image location” and paste it in the email template image source url.

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